About 9 Digital Media & Advertising

We are a company, backed by our technical expert with almost 30 years of experience initialy in adverising, printing followed by web designing, SEO, product usability (UX), accessibility, graphics, photo & audio/video editing, data mining, GIS, authoring software Macromedia Director, Flash animation, etc.

Marketing strategies and activities will be formulated by a young, dynamic, and creative individual specializing in Marketing, Content creation, Article writing, etc.


Umesh Pandit: Founder
Vishal Pandit: Co-founder
Dr. Urmila Pandit: Co-founder


Our core motive as an organization is to facilitate growth & development for professionals and businesses by maximizing digital reach, and exposure to customers to increase awareness. We focus on helping businesses and professionals get the most out of their digital advertising campaigns and in turn educate the customers about the wide range of products and services offered in the market.


We aspire to develop a very strategic approach for self and client development through our ethical, competitive, and sustainable business practices. Our aim is to develop a very personalized and close connection with the clients by providing a very clear insight.


Our business practices are very customer-centric, ethical, goal-driven, and transparent. In today's business environment having a target is very essential to grow. We at 9 digital believe strongly in achieving the set benchmark in the most ethical and transparent way possible.