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Smart Financial Planning for Senior Citizens & USA, UK, Singapore, Australia based NRIs'

We provide services to senior citizen to manage their Indian investments and assets transmission to heirs.

Senior citizens and NRIs tend to overlook financial planning as they are busy with their job/business and have enjoyed the benefit of separate taxation systems in India& Overseas. After signing by India of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) from July 2015 and Investor Education and Protection Fund (EPF) from April 2019, financial planning has become complicated, besides the changes.

Due to lack of planning & inaction at the right time, many NRIs have paid taxes, penalties to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) on their Indian incomes. They lost substantial life savings or ended up complicating matters for their heirs to sort out; some have lost their immovable properties as unscrupulous persons have forged documents to grab.

We have a network of experts to provide the following financial services on regular basis, supervised by:

Indian Financial Assets led by Mr. Arun Hardikar for 24 years covering45 clients valued at INR 65 crores.

Arun Hardikar
  • Recovery of payment for uncashed /lost cheques, fixed deposits, insurance claims of 7 years.

  • Acquired duplicates of lost share certificates for80 years and arranged portfolio management.

  • Provided services to externalize funds ,pay FATCA taxes of NRIs for Indian income.

  • Prepare wills for NRIs for benefit of their Indian heirs: filing of succession certificate/ probate application.

  • Power of attorney to get succession certificate for Indian assets, from High Court.

Immovable Property led by Mr. Ashok Kolekar for 30 years covering 55 clients valued at INR 75 crores.

Ashok Kolekar
  • Renewal of 3 years lease without NRI visiting, by giving power of attorney for renewal.

  • Arrange properties on rent without presence of NRIs and depositing in NRIs bank account, pay taxes.

  • Advice on tenancy rights and documentation on development rights of old properties.

  • Transfer of ownership of inherited properties

  • Managing urban &rural properties in India, UAE & Canada, and externalization of funds to foreign account

NRI Client Advisor led by Dr. Gajanan Sabnis who is a USA resident for the last 55 years.

Dr. Gajanan Sabnis

Dr. Sabnis is a Project consultant on large-scale infrastructure projects in USA and India for the last 30 years. He has a wide circle of associates belonging to senior citizen clubs of various states.

Please feel free to write to us at Arun Hardikar (arunhardikar@yahoo.com). You may contact us for consultation at the email mentioned or on phone. Kindly note that the services are currently available to clients belonging to the western suburbs of Mumbai.



Arun Hardikar
Mob.: +91 99304 96372

Gajanan Sabnis
Mob.: +91 98218 59112
Email.: gmsabnis@gmail.com

Ashok Kolekar
Mob.: +91 9324 0832 86
Email.: ashok@nicroalloys.com